Gismo,Makaveli,Louis and Charlotte!

yes please!

Knew you’d agree ;) 

She is looking fantastic lately…though she seems to be shrinking by the day :O

Right? She looks incredible. Deffo losing weight but it still suits her frame, just hoping she doesn’t drop much more. I mean look at that body and thats from a week ago

Okay but seriously digging yelling and backing up a van at 3am is ridiculous now. Getting a fucking migraine and wondering how on earth the babies next door are sleeping through this. I have a flashing yellow light in my eye

Can Fandango be added to Total Divas please? Men can be divas too and if it helped out Nattie,TJ and Rosa then it can help his career out too right? I miss him on my tv. He can flirt with everyone and provide some eye candy for the ladies, he’s hilarious, we’d get to see more superstars on the show and get a better look inside the mens locker room (not in a dirty way tut tut). I really just want him back on my screen



09/05/2013 * 10/16/2014

When your developmental program has more continuity than your main roster you got problems. WWE can barely keep track of which Diva is a heel or a face yet here a year later they are doing shot-for-shot promo callbacks.

The council are doing road works at the top of my road every night this week. Its 1am! They stay there until about 4am and all you can hear is banging and talking and vans backing up with that beeping noise. And the flashing lights coming in through the window. There has to be laws against this right?