shellybuttface asked you: 4 gifs of Kelly and Nattie.

such a graceful fall, its so pretty

but tamina? i would’ve prefered eva over tamina.blah


Well we are, does it matter?

Do any of you lovelies have Mania 26 in HD and/or can send me the Bret vs Vince match? also if anyone has TLC 2010 in HD and can send me the whole thing or just the Nattie match that would be amazing.

Or could someone lend me their WWE Network account to screen record the stuff I need? I’ve already used my bank card for the week free trial when it started :( Finding HD matches is hard and xtremewrestlingtorrents blocked my ip cause my internet got cut off for a couple of weeks and I couldn’t seed my torrents 

has anyone elses tumblr font changed? it looks really bold and blocky


I think Nattie & Cody were more hurt since they’re second generation, they probably knew Warrior since they were kids.

Are you fucking kidding me? How was Nattie overreacting and whining about her nose on TD? How can you compare it to Lita’s neck? Lita was over and a main eventer ffs. Lita was a huge part of Raw and always had a high place to come back to after injury. Nat had’t been in the title race for 3 years and the chance she’d been waiting for finally happened……. then she is told she needs surgery and will be out for at least 6 months. That had to have been one hell of a blow for her to take. Everything she wanted and has worked for and she had to decide if that was more important than her health. She picked working her butt off for us fans, achieving her goals in the ring, her wrestling career over her own health. If it was AJ or anyone else you’d all be fucking throwing a party for her and holding her up as some shining beacon. Nattie showed you how much this job means to her and you decide to bitch at her because she felt torn in that situation? While being in pain and scared about her future I should add.The current divas get lost in the shuffle and she’d be back to dancing with Khali or farting again if she’s out for 6 months. Get off her back.