btw i still have an inbox full of messages but i’m too lazy to reply. i’ll get through them this weekend i promise. thanks for the bday wishes, shoulders to cry on and general loveliness. i appreciate it <3 


(I’m an idiot and left this in my drafts instead of putting it in my queue!) So happy waaaay belated birthday, Rach! I love you!!

Asjfhksdbgfdbgfdg omg Kaitlyn is a ccccc combo breaker! Ah I love you so much bb <3 Thank you xxx

i know its late but happy birthday to the fab rach <3 

Awww bb you didn’t have to, I know you have a lot going on right now. Thank you so much tumblr sis, this is beautiful and I love you so so much xxx

people need to stop unfollowing nattie blog :( you’re tearing me apart

yesterday was one of the best bdays i’ve had. not sure what to think about that lol but it genuinely was a lovely day. a few things i could’ve lived without but hey no day is perfect and i don’t want to dwell on those people/incidents

wow i sure know who my friends are now.

in unrelated news nattie called paws purr-fect on twitter and retweeted her pic.

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22

Happy Birthday Rach

Eeep thank you so much bb! This is beautiful <3 ILY so much

congrats brie, you know the word bitch. we don’t need to hear you say it 1000000x jfc