but like Nikki is totally the face here. Brie did ditch her, Brie did come on Raw every week and steal Nikki’s spotlight, Brie was a bitch to her on Total Divas with the fat twin stuff and about Nikki’s injury, it was Brie’s fault Nikki was getting beaten up every week and Nikki did try and warn Brie on the SummerSlam backstage pass that Steph had text her but Brie was too busy with Bryan stuff. But they lay all this ground work and then don’t have Nikki use it in her heel speech so it makes Nikki sound petty. So we’re meant to forget weeks of storyline to accept Nikki as a heel? It just seems sloppy to me and you can tell they wanna just take Steph away from the feud and demote it to midcard Divas matches. Which is fine but it could’ve been done a lot neater IMO


Skip to 28mins for the interview

Just listen to how passionate she is, not just about her own career but about NXT and the new talent. How much pressure she had on her to be amazing. All the hard work she put into the match with Charlotte just to help put her over. She said that NXT Championship in front of 200 people was her Wrestlemania moment.

Nattie vs Paige vs AJ at NOC. Paige and AJ keep taking Nattie out and throwing her out the ring. Back and forth bickering and taunting/One-upmanship between them and then Nattie gets a roll up out of nowhere on one of them and wins the title. Like a play on how they’ve beem making each other lose by distracting the other one, but only this time they are distracting themselves out of a win. They can then join forces over a mutual enemy and try take Nattie out and Naomi can help her out as her tag partner. Eventually AJ and Paige break up their weird frenemy alliance leaving it open for Nikki to feud with Nattie while Total Divas is back on tv. Leading to Naomi vs Nikki or Brie vs Nikki for the title. Or a fatal 4 way cause Nattie would have a rematch clause.  I can dream, my dreams are often more enjoyable than reality to me

Nikki cutting a better promo in one night than Brie has since her push

Brie’s horrible fake crying

That slap tho!

Steph being a queen


Fake lesbianess 

what a great night ;_; 


BREE MOED! (by @WrasslorMonkey)


Oh no she di’int! (by @WrasslorMonkey)


Can we talk about how awesome it is that Natalya not only appreciated fan art, but liked it so much she took the time to have it brought to life?

Appreciation post for Nattie’s attire.