get to know me meme: 5 favorite pairings [3/5] → steve x natasha


when u can’t color a scene


Mhm! That’s how I am with it. Well, I don’t dislike the show nor like it; it’s just *there* to me. I just quickly lost interest in it after the 3rd season or whatever number it was.

We’re on season 3 now, its only just started. Missing out on some quality moments tho I gotta say. But I get it reality tv isn’t for everyone lol

I am, but I don’t feel obligated to watch the show just ‘cause of that. I can’t force myself, you know? I can still post stuff despite it, plus they post YT clips lol.

You do you then lol.  At least you’re a fan of all the girls despite not liking the show, right? I mean I understand not liking the show and still supporting the divas on it. Thats how I still run Nattie blog, hate WWE in its current state but looooove me some Nattie

I haven’t watched TD since the last season, which was a while ago. It just bores me.

Aren’t you a member of TotalDivaas tho? I enjoy the show I just hate how they stage it to look like all the divas hate each other and fight all the time when in reality its probs only about 30% of the time

Sunday is just gonna be a bunch of people hating on Nattie and Summer over a scripted fight isn’t it? :( I hate this show more than I enjoy it tbh some people can’t tell reality tv from reality and then they go and judge the divas

Is there a William Regal blog I can follow that gets updated?

The one I used to follow stopped posting sometime last year :/

Natalya without her extensions (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

One year has passed since we said bye to Gismo. He was such a big part of the family. I think of him every day (x)